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vintage hand-knotted Turkish Kars Karabakh floral tapestry in earthy brown and red tones with rose motifs and a very ancient look

Floral Bessarabian Rugs

Ancient Artistry, Redefining Elegance

room-sized oversize nomadic Kars gallery runner rug in geometric medallion patterns and muted earth tones

Vintage Tribal Runners

Royal Rugs That Have a Story to Tell

Vintage embroidered luxury turkish cecim rug in violet and green with zigzag patterns

Mid-Century Cecim Kilim Rugs

Luxurious Threads Weaving a Colorful Past

a very rare Turkish mid-century modern wool flat-weave rug in vibrant and colorful diamond and lozenge patterns in contemporary style

Contemporary Flat-Weave Rugs

Exquisitely Hand-Knotted for Discerning Tastes

vintage oushak wool large area carpet in earthy brown tones

Oriental Oushak Rugs

A Priceless Treasure, Embodying Centuries of Tradition

Various types of antique and vintage Turkish rugs and kilims are being displayed against the backdrop of a picturesque Turkish setting

Discover the Unseen Gallery

One-of-a-Kind Handwoven Kilims

Proudly introducing our exquisite selection of ancient art pieces, handwoven by Turkish women with precision and care during the mid-century, where traditional craftsmanship meets both authentic and contemporary designs simultaneously to bring warmth, texture, and character to your living or working spaces. Our Turkish kilim rugs are considered the finest, most luxurious and forever-lasting worldwide.

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magnificent Turkish Balikesir kilim rug hand-knotted in the mid-century featuring colorful stripes and tribal style hanging on the wall as a tapestry

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Save $300.00vintage kilim ottoman stool handcrafted by local women artisans from Turkey
Save $300.00colorful and magnificent ottoman stool bench sustainably handcrafted by local Turkish artisans featuring traditional kilim motifs
magnificent Turkish Balikesir kilim rug hand-knotted in the mid-century featuring colorful stripes and tribal style hanging on the wall as a tapestry


Say Goodbye to Dull Interiors with Luxury Turkish Rugs

Dull and boring interior of a New York City apartment without a precious handwoven vintage Turkish rug


a traditional Turkish woman weaving a red oriental rug meticulously and sustainably

Cherishing Sustainability

Empowering Women Artisans


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a beautiful red oriental Turkish kilim rug from mid-century era is displayed in Manhattan, New York apartment from Kilim Couture's vintage rug collection

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vintage Kurdish rustic cicim kilim rug in earth tones by Kilim Couture NYC

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vintage Turkish Kilim Rugs - Expert Tips for Discerning Buyers

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a majestic vintage floral Turkish rug gracefully adorning a beautiful rustic Cappadocia hotel

Beyond Trends - Investing in Timeless Craftsmanship for Your Home in 2024

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"I want every single rug at Kilim Couture. They offer so much more than their collection of rugs and decor. The customer service is top notch. It really feels like you are getting the added bonus of having a personal stylist. You’re not just adding to cart and placing an order, you are building a connection with Kilim Couture with the extra attention they provide their customers. Lifelong customer here… I already own three rugs from their collection."

Sue C.

"Onur went above and beyond to ensure I was completely satisfied with my purchase. Overall, I cannot recommend Kilim Couture highly enough. Not only do they offer a stunning selection of unique and rare kilims, but their dedication to providing top-notch service truly sets them apart. If you're in the market for beautiful rugs and a stress-free shopping experience, look no further than Kilim Couture."

Aleem K.

"I recently sourced a rug from Kilim Couture for a client, and we're both impressed. The rug seamlessly blends classic charm with modern interior design. Exceptional quality and design make Kilim Couture my top choice for distinctive rugs in my projects."

Adrienne H.

"I just bought a Kars kilim from them, and I really liked it. The shipping was super quick, and the rug I got is way more beautiful in real life. It fits perfectly with my modern and minimal NYC apartment, and the owner Onur, who handpicks everything, is super friendly..."

Rana M.J.

"I recently ordered a Turkish runner online for my hallway, and I must say it was an excellent experience. The owner provided expert guidance during a phone call, even requesting a picture of my interior and hallway dimensions to ensure a perfect match..."

Haejin C.