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Our Story

We are enthusiastic antique and vintage rug collectors from Turkey who share a passion for traditional and ancient Anatolian rugs. That is why we have been spending many days traveling across the country to find the perfect pieces to add to our collection. Over the years, building an impressive array of historic rugs from different regions in many styles, we would spend hours poring over antique markets, haggling with vendors, and learning about each piece's history and cultural significance.

Eventually, our passion turned into a business, and we started a brand to share the most luxurious and unmatched rug and kilim collection with you making sure each piece is a rare gem. We have been carefully curating each piece, selecting only the finest examples of traditional and sustainable kilim rug weaving. Our love for these precious kilims has become contagious, and many of our customers have become enthusiastic collectors. Therefore, our brand has become a beloved source of authentic, high-quality, and forever-lasting Turkish kilim rugs.

Our website is a testament to our passion and dedication, reflecting our attention to detail and aesthetic. So, the brand "Kilim Couture New York" was born in New York to meet our dream business with the city of our dreams. We have been committed to our mission of preserving the traditions of the weavers and showing our appreciation to them by spreading this love to the world since then. That way, we are able to provide our clients with the most exceptional selection of rugs, offering a wide range of choices, and ensuring the best value for their investment. Today, Kilim Couture is a brand that celebrates the impeccable artistry and exceptional craftsmanship of these Turkish women weavers from all over Turkey.