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Our Story

We are passionate antique and vintage rug collectors from Turkey, driven by our love for traditional and ancient Anatolian rugs. Our journey involves extensive travels across the country to discover the perfect pieces for our collection. Over the years, we've amassed an impressive array of historic rugs from different regions and styles, spending hours at antique markets, engaging in negotiations with vendors, and delving into the rich history and cultural significance of each piece.

What started as a personal passion has evolved into a business, leading us to establish the brand Kilim Couture New York. Our mission is to share the most luxurious and unmatched collection of rugs and kilims with you, ensuring each piece is a rare gem. We meticulously curate our selection, choosing only the finest examples of traditional and sustainable kilim rug weaving.

Our deep affection for these precious kilims has inspired many of our customers to become enthusiastic collectors. Kilim Couture has become a beloved source of authentic, high-quality, and enduring Turkish kilim rugs. Our website reflects our passion and dedication, showcasing our attention to detail and aesthetic.

Born in New York, Kilim Couture is the realization of our dream business in the city of our dreams. Committed to preserving the traditions of the weavers, we express our appreciation by sharing our love with the world. This commitment allows us to offer our clients the most exceptional selection of rugs, providing a wide range of choices and ensuring the best value for their investment.

Today, Kilim Couture is a brand that celebrates the impeccable artistry and exceptional craftsmanship of Turkish women weavers from all over the country.