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Kilim Pillows

Introducing our Kilim Pillows Collection – a fusion of luxury and culture. These vintage kilim upholstered cushions are meticulously curated from Anatolia's heart, with each handpicked kilim transformed into a unique, artisanal pillow cover. Enhance your home's ambiance with these classic kilim throws that seamlessly harmonize with British elegance, vintage French charm, boho-chic, modern rustic, Southwestern, or farmhouse aesthetics. Embrace tradition and style with our kilim throw pillows, adding a touch of color to your home decor.

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One of OneSave $200.00Vintage Handwoven Kilim Pillow with Red / Black / White Stripes & Motifs at Kilim Couture New York Rug Gallery
One of OneSave $200.00Vintage Mid-Century Kilim Throw Pillow in Rustic Tones with Geometric Lozenge Patterns
One of OneSave $200.00Vintage Handwoven Kilim Pillow with Tribal Motifs and Stripes from Kilim Couture's Kilim Pillow Collection
One of OneSave $200.00Vintage Handwoven Minimalist Kilim Pillow in Cream, Green and Red by Kilim Couture NYC
One of OneSold outVintage Handwoven Kilim Pillow in Polychromatic Tribal Motifs by Kilim Couture NYC Rug Gallery
One of OneMid-Century Turkish Kilim Pillow in Black / Gray / Cream / Mustard
One of One Vintage Muted Rustic Kilim Pillow in Crimson / Gray / Saffron
One of OneVintage Handwoven Turkish Kilim Upholstered Pillow in Purple / Mustard / Magenta
One of OneVintage Handwoven Kilim Pillow in Crimson / Aqua / Yellow Stripes by Kilim Couture NYC Kilim Decor Collection
One of OneVintage Handwoven Kilim Pillow in Earthy Rustic Tones Perfect  Farmhouse and Cottage Decor
One of OneVintage Rustic Kilim Cushion with Colorful Stripes and Motifs by Kilim Couture NYC Rug Store
One of OneVintage Handwoven Kilim Throw Pillow in Colorful Stripes by Kilim Couture New York